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Vetfarmgarant is an expert in selecting and supplying of veterinary products
contracts with farms
м2 storage space
delivery regions throughout Russia
items of products in stock
employees are PhD in Veterinary Medicine

Vetfarmgarant LLC is a rapidly developing young enterprise. Our company specializes in the promotion and sale of veterinary medicines, feed additives, hygiene products, equipment and tools for veterinary medicine.

Our team consists of certified veterinary specialists with extensive practical experience in the industry and the ability to solve veterinary problems of different complexity.

The most important advantage is our own logistics structure, equipped with a fleet of special vehicles with refrigerators, since the transportation of vaccines requires strict temperature control. In this area, customers generally have very strict requirements - in terms of logistics, temperature, and delivery times. And all these requirements are always carefully observed by employees of the Group of companies.

The most important advantage of our company is a professional approach to the storage and logistics of veterinary products.

Professional logistics and storage

  • icon Guaranteed quality: observe the temperature regime, provide a temperature sheet along the route
  • icon Shortest delivery time: due to a network of warehouses in several regions of Russia.
  • icon Transparent logistics: the ability to track documentation, from the manufacturer to the end user
  • icon Individual approach: we ship and deliver goods on weekends and holidays, non-working hours
  • icon Professional storage: all products are stored in accordance with special storage condition for biological products, all warehouses are equipped with independent cold storage.

The company's customer base is steadily expanding. This is facilitated by scaling the business by developing a network of regional offices throughout Russia. Our branches operate in Ufa, Ulyanovsk, Voronezh, and Belgorod. The company's interests are promoted by regional representatives in Yaroslavl, Izhevsk, Nizhny Novgorod, and Tyumen. Currently, more than five hundred companies are our clients.









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